Ref NumberAC 46/20
Position TitleAssistant Professor in Anaesthesia (Re-advertised)
Closing Date03-Jul-2020
College of Medicine, Nursing & Health SciencesSchool of Medical SciencesSuva – Hoodless House x 1
Background An Assistant Professor has developed his/her own research and teaching interests, and is becoming known nationally for his/her work.  They will publish regularly in peer-reviewed international journals or other appropriate outlets, and are likely to have edited collections of work or meeting proceedings.  They will also have chaired sessions at, or have been part of, the organising committees of academic conferences or relevant disciplinary meetings.  They should be beginning to show Academic Leadership in their teaching and/or their research specialty and be involved in administrative duties at least at Department/School level.
  The primary role of the incumbent is to teach, research/publish, consult, and provide general administration support to teaching within the section the staff is appointed, Conducts seminars, workshops and visits to appropriate organizations to enhance the delivery of the program. The role of the Assistant Professor will involve planning and teaching programmes of study, assist in programme curricular development, assessing Student progress and provide advice and guidance to your Students, acting as a mentor where necessary to department staff members. Other duties may include assisting with the enrolment of Students and the preparation of their personal study programmes amongst others. The incumbent will be required to provide 40% of his/her time to the provision of clinical services to the MOHMS.
Person Specification:
• Specialist /Clinician: Masters or equivalent qualification with specialist registration
• Experience in teaching
• Research active
• Ability to take on administrative duties.
• Display academic leadership in teaching and/or in research specialty.
• Formal tertiary teaching qualification.
• Demonstrates evidence of ongoing publications in ranked journals.

Salary Base salary of FJ$123,454.13 plus 5% superannuation

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